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CLW5040ZZZ3 Camión de basura autocargable
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CLW5040ZZZ3 Camión de basura autocargable

    Plazo de entrega: 10 días
    Paquete: Desnudo / encerado
    Marca: DONGFENG
    Lugar de origen: Hubei, China (continente)

Información básica

Modelo: CLW5040ZZZ3

Descripción del producto

CLW5040ZZZ3 Camión de basura autoportante

Descripción detallada

I. Vehicle Parameter                          


CLW5040ZZZ3 Self loading garbage truck

2,brand name


3, manufacturer

Hubei Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd (IN CHINA)

4,Overall dimension

5850×200×2300 mm

5,curb weight

3465 Kg

6,Cabinet capacity


7,Cabinet material

carbon steel Q235

8,cab seats


9,Max speed

90 km/h


5 forward gear,1 reverse gear

11, brake system

Air brake


departure angle

19/15 °

13,front/ rear hang

1032/1518 mm

14,steering type

Left- hand drive( right-hand drive can opt)


White(other colors are available), Flat, luxurious interior trim and seat, with air conditioning.

16,Performance characteristic

Self loading garbage truck is composed of sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system, operating system, with dozens of garbage bins. The hydraulic lifting device on the truck can lift bin up and down, and dump garbage into garbage compartment, the working cycle time is 50S. The garbage compartment adopts lightweight design, with large carrying capacity, good sealing performance, avoiding secondary pollution garbage when garbage transportation. The truck can load garbage automatically, with high use efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other features.

II. Chassis parameter

1,Chassis model


2,Brand name



Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.(China second automobile group company)

4,Drive type

4 x 2

5,Wheel base

3300 mm

6,Front track base


7,Rear track base

1442,1530 mm

8,Tire specification


9,tyre number

6+1(spare tyre)

10,axle load

1785/2710 kg

11,axle number


III. Engine parameter

1engine type(emission/power)

CY4102-C3F(3856ml / 70kw)

2,Engine manufacturer

Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd.

3,Fuel type


4,Emissions standards


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